MiPi Box
MiPiTester UFS EMMC Programmer
UFS HS-G2 180MB/s ,UFS PWM-G1 5-15MB/seMMC HS200 120MB/s,eMMC ISP 5-10MB/s
Hardware Features
Fast USB 3.0 high-speed mode USB 2.0 low speed model
UFS/UMCP data transfer speed Support UFS 2.0 2.1 3.0 3.1 HS-G2 130MB/s (writing) / 180 MB/s (reading) UFS ISP PWM-G1 6-15MB/s (writing and reading)
EMMC/EMCP data transfer speed Support EMMC 4.5 5.0 5.1 HS200 120MB/s (writing) / 120 MB/s (reading) Emmc ISP 5-15MB/s (writing and reading)
Support update NAND PCIE NVME NOR SPI I2C flash
Smart output voltages (VCC, VCCQ, VCCQ2) regulation within operation range 1.1V-3.3V
Service operations with UFS memory Divide flash memory into LUN units Work with descriptors, attributes, flags Write OEM ID Erase memory on all active LUN Read Write RPMB Counter
Service operation with MMC flash memory Edit: geometry, partitions, CID, CSD and other data registers EMMC FFU Read/View Extended CSD registers Read Write RPMB Counter Format flash memory